The Stillness Before

The branches sway gently in the morning breeze, casting soft, comfortable shadows across the room. The air is cool, transforming each breath I take into a sharp reminder of wakefulness. The world is made up of a dizzying array of green – bright where the sun splashes across the lawn, dark beneath the shadows of towering trees.

The morning is quiet as the world slowly comes awake around me, lethargic and peaceful, unhurried and blissful. No dogs barking at joggers, no trucks driving aimlessly by, no lawnmowers humming in the distance. Just the quiet swaying of the wind as it dances amidst the branches, the occasional call of the wind chime as it catches a stray breeze.

There is no anxiety, no stress of the day – not yet. The day stretches out before me, full of tasks and talks, structure and noise.

For now, however, it’s only the stillness. Unlike most days, I’m not so ready to shoo it away, for I know it to be an elusive thing, easily scattered like the fog on a summer’s morning.

For now, I choose to simply be.

~ Brandt

Photo by Janus Clemmensen on Unsplash

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