Less is More: OmmWriter

So much of writing goes beyond simply planning and executing. It can be hard to write when you’re not in the proper headspace, or when you are physically uncomfortable… or when there is too much noise or the wrong kind of noise. Just about anything can take you out of the writing mindset (or keep you from getting there in the first place).

I recently left a job where I was managing the SEO and content strategies from a marketing perspective for multiple companies. The SEO world is inundated with tools, as is the content world. One that I stumbled across while working was OmmWriter. No, this isn’t a sponsored post (I wish!), I just use the program when I write and I really enjoy it. I’m using it right now.

Ommwriter aims to strip away the noise that your writing device can create. Right now I’m staring at a clean background with a pair of boats in the water. I can’t see the time, I don’t know how much battery I have, I don’t see any notification on my computer. I don’t even see the squiggly red lines that indicate I’ve made a typo (I can’t understate how helpful this is to a perfectionist).

If I move my mouse it brings up the menu, but as soon as I start typing – it all goes away and there are just the words. I can tinker with the font type, the size of the font, the background, a number of premade looping instrumental tracks, and best of all, the sound produced every time I press a key. Each time I press a button it produces a satisfying, alternating ‘click,’ further increasing the feel that I’m actually doing something.

As with anything, there are a few issues. Namely the instrumental loops. Most of the time? Good to go and the transitions are seamless. Sometimes, however, the end of the track will overlap with the beginning of that same track. It can be a bit jarring, but only a minor annoyance.

I could do with a few more backgrounds, and more using a simple palette as some are quite bright and distracting.

At the end of the day, the program does exactly what I need it to – it creates a space for me to write that minimizes distractions while adding in those little things that help me stay focused like the clicking sounds (that can be turned off) and the looping instrumental tracks.

If you struggle to focus and sometimes find the ‘right space,’ I’d recommend trying Ommwriter, especially since it’s quite affordable.

Do you have tools that you use to help you write? I’d love to hear about them.

~ Brandt

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